The best travel guide for Kotor Bay, Montenegro. Find the best spots, travel tips and information about one of the world's most beautiful bays.
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Welcome to Kotor Bay!

Here you will find travel tips for visiting the Bay of Kotor in Montengro.


This destination is quickly becoming the hotspot of the Adriatic Sea.

It wows visitors with  its natural beauty and amazingly rich history.


But since it still largely underexploited (which a good thing!) and the locals are still learning about something called “tourism” ,  many of the Kotor Bay jewels remain unseen  for most tourists.


Unless they know someone who lives here.


And that someone, for  you, is- me :)


Here I will show you exactly where to go to find what you are looking for in Kotor Bay and suggest some places for you to see that you didn’t know existed.



I hope you enjoy your trip to Montenegro. It is  truly a wonderful place. A country so small, yet so diverse. Underpopulated. In the middle of Europe! And the best place to start exploring it is, of course, the Bay of Kotor!




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