FAQ About Montenegro

What currency is used in Montenegro?

Although Montenegro is not part of the EU, EURO is its official currency.


What credit cards are accepted in Montenegro?

Visa, Master Card, Maestro, American Express, Diners.


What is the country code?



What is the time zone?

The time zone is GMT +1.  End of March the zone changes to GMT +2 and that lasts until the end of October.


What is the climate in the Bay of Kotor?

Kotor Bay has Mediterranean climate.


What is the temperature of the sea?

The average temperature of the sea during the summer months is 23.7 Celsius (75 F).

In wintertime, average temperature of the sea is 12.3 Celsius (54 F).


Is the tap water drinkable?



What is the elecric system?220 V, 50 Hz.


What is the language?

The language used is called Montenegrin. It is basically the same language as Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian, which are all official languages in Montenegro. Albanian is also in official use.

Both latin and cyrillic alphabet are used equally.


What is the Population?

Just over 600 000.