Herceg Novi



These are theĀ  places you should definitely try to see if you are visiting Herceg Novi in the summer:

1. Miriste

This little lagoon is an amazing, quiet place with unbelievably clear water. You can get a boat ride from the main promenade in Herceg Novi which should not cost more than 5 euros.

While you are there, you can visit an ancient fortress that the Romans initially build in order to control the Bay enterence.

Or you can walk over to a larger lagoon called Zanjic, where the beach is made of larger pebbles and the water is quite deep and pristine.

View Blue Grotto in a larger map

2. Plava spilja (Blue Grotto)

This is a small cave on Lustica that you can also get to by boat from Herceg Novi. It got it’s name from the incredible blue color of the seawater and it is another gem of the Bay that not too many people get to enjoy.

3. Igalo

Igalo is a town which is connected to Herceg Novi by the Five Danica’s Promenade, and it is practically a part of Herceg Novi.

But what sets this town apart is that it is famous for its medical tourism.

Igalo’s beaches are known for their medicinal clay (mud) which helps heal many medical conditions.

People from around the world have been coming here for healing and rehabilitation.

igalo igalo kotor bay



The famous spa in Igalo is called “Dr. Simo Milosevic” Institute for Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Rheumatology.

igalo spa resort Igalo Spa


The beach of the Institute looks like this


igalo beach


And here is the link to the spa.

kotor bay swimming


Igalo is a quiet and peaceful place during the day. I enjoy coming here with my kids because it is less crowded, there is no traffic and..simply because my kids love that place.

I also hear that the nightlife here is great. There are many cafe’s and clubs on the Five Danica’s strip near the beaches.

If you need some more adventurous actions, you can catch a boat from here and go on a tour around the Bay. Click here for the boat schedule.

I hope you have a wonderful time!