Hiking in Kotor Bay – Climbing St. John’s Fortress


If you are young and strong or just in a good physical shape AND you appreciate beautiful views, definitely go for a hike in the Bay of Kotor.

The first thing that you absolutely must experience is climbing the St. John’s Fortress.

1396 steps to the top. Beautiful views.

Above is the map with the entrances to the Fortress. The entrance fee is 3 euros.

My suggestion is to go in the morning hours, because the sun will be behind you and you can take some nice, no- AMAZING pictures of the Bay. Plus, it won’t be too hot.

Remember to bring water. And watch your step! The road is over a thousand years old!


Other places for hiking in Kotor Bay



Today, it was a gorgeous day and I decided to go half way up the Vrmac hill and take some pictures for you, show you which way to go if you want to hike individually.

But the trail was much steeper than I thought it would be!

Of course, that’s because I chose the shortest trail, the quickest route to the top. My idea was to save some time. 🙂

This trail is also closest to Kotor, so I though there would be good views of the Old Town. That I was right about.

View Vrmac Hiking Trail Muo in a larger map



Vrmac Hiking trail no.1- Muo


First, you need to get to the Kotor police station. This is right accross the sea from the Old Town, in the area called Muo.

vrmac sign muo

This is what the sign looks like. It says “Hiking trail Vrmac”.

I have no idea why they chose not to write it in English as well. I guess they thought only locals would need directions??

hiking vrmac

I went this way..

hiking vrmac (3)

hiking vrmac (2)

I turned around and took two photos in two different directions. Keep going this way..

hiking vrmac

Up these stairs…

hiking vrmac 7

Only one pictures of stairs because they all look the same..But believe me, there was much more of them than this..

hiking vrmac (8)

hiking vrmac (9)

hiking vrmac (10)

Go through there, and up these stairs…I am sure you would not get lost, you are a world traveler, right?

But I took pictures anyway..

hiking vrmac (11)

As for me, I was glad to see this mark. It meant I was on the right path.

hiking vrmac (12)

vrmac (13)

hiking vrmac (14)

Go up some more stairs, cross the street and keep going…

hiking kotor bay

And behind these houses. I couldn’t believe people actually lived all the way up here!!

hiking kotor bay

hiking kotor bay

hiking kotor bay

So, you should probably call me spoiled or something, but this is kind of what I expected “a hiking trail”

to look like all the way to the top.

No, I’m only kidding. But it would be nice.

Actually, I have no idea what I was expecting. But at this point, I was exhausted!!!!

hiking kotor bay

So, I took a break.  Enjoyed the moment.

hiking kotor bay

Once I reached this road, I stopped again.

hikig kotor bay

hiking kotor bay

Another sign, this one pointing in a vague direction.

hiking kotor bay

I was hoping this was the way…

hiking kotor bay

But no, it’s actually THIS!! Seriously??

hiking kotor bay

See you some other time, Vrmac! This will be it for me-for now.


Although I was really exhausted, I did finish my trip early so I decided to take pictures of some other trails for you and show you exactly where you can find them. Follow me..