Kotor Bay View


Kotor.. Definitely one of my favorite places on Earth.

The town I now call home.

I never imagined that I would live in such a small town. I grew up in a big city and I always felt much, much more comfortable in big cities. Huge cities. The larger, the better.

Then I visited Kotor.

Never before have I seen the nature towering over the human built structures. The hills rose up so high that the houses looked like they were made of leggo blocks.

The main street (it actually wouldn’t be too far off to call it the only street) was so narrow that I couldn’t believe it was a two way street!

No side walk. Simply, there is no space for it. The sea on one side, and the hill on the other.

kotor street
Kotor Main Street


There is something really unique about this town. If you believe in feng shui than you will know what I mean.

The steep mountains. The body of water. The history.

In the winter-the heavy rain.

And spring through summer- the people from all around the world. Festivals, carnivals, concerts.

Every day there is at least one enormous cruiser, literary bigger than the town itself,  carrying more  passengers than the total Kotor population.

No, it does not feel like a small town.

Except when it comes to the mentality of the people. Everyone is really connected to everyone else here.


See, I am a people person. But I am also a big city person. So I was not used to “hellos” from every single random resident on the street.


There is a funny story about that from my early days here:

I had just moved to Kotor, and I met way too many people at once to be able to remember everyone’s face.

I was walking down the “main street”, trying really hard to stay as close to the edge of the road as possible.

Every single car that passed by honked at me. I was furious. I cursed them out. Every single one.

Then, as I aimed my angry look at the driver of an oncoming car, I recognized his face. And it dawned on me.

They were saying “hello” to me by honking!

I realized I had a lot of adjusting to do. 🙂


I could go on and on about this magical town, but I should stop here and give you some real tips about the places that you should visit.


My first tip for viiting the Kotor Old Town: try not to get lost.

The streets do not have names and they look like this:

kotor old town

There are no directions.

The Old Town area is not very big, but it can turn into a confusing labyrinth for someone who is not familiar with it.

Looking up to locate the hills can help you navigate through the streets.

kotor salad square


Also, a map is always a good idea 🙂

Here is a map of the Old Town Kotor:


View Kotor Old Town in a larger map

You can get a much more detailed map for free at the tourist info center (marked in blue on this map).

If you are in a decent physical shape, definitely try to climb up on the St. John’s Fortress. The view from up there is breathtaking!!

St. John's Fortress

The entrances to the fortress on the map I marked in green.

This is what they look like:

st johns entrance st johns entrance kotor_resize

This entrance is closer to the South Gate.

St John's Fortress entrance St John's Fortress entrance

And this one is closer to the North Gate.

The entrance fee is 3 EUR.


There are many other interesting places to see: churches, palaces, museums.

Kotor Maritime Museum

St Tryphon
St. Tryphon Cathedral

Or you can just enjoy a drink in one or the towns beautiful squares.

Think about how that same setting looked the same many many centuries ago.

How this town used to be a cultural center for many great civilizations.  Let your imagination run free.

I do it all the time. It’s no surprise that  I never get tired of this place!


kotor clock tower


hotel vardar kotor