Other interesting places in Montenegro

interesting places in montenegro


Mt. Durmitor

It is a tough decision to make, but Mt. Durmitor is probably my favorite inland place in Montenegro. Maybe because it is different every time I visit it, and it’s beauty surprises me every time.

In the summer, it is ideal to go up there to the 1500m altitude and cool down a bit.

In the fall we go there to take a vacation after the busy summer and enjoy the colors of the nature.

The winter is, of course, the perfect time to go, especially if you like skiing.There are three skiing track on this mountain: 3500 m, 1780 m and 400 m long.  Believe it or not, some snow stays unmelted thoughout the year, and there are people who ski here even in the summer! There is even a competition in sking heald every year in July!

But my favorite time on Mt. Durmitor is springtime.  The snow is still covering the high rocky peaks, and the nature is incredibly fresh, smelly and colorful. ( Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to put on here yet, but you can check out my Pinterest page, where I created a board called “Durmitor” and shared other peoples photos there.)

Mt. Durmitor is the perfect place for lovers of extreme sports. Here you can enjoy mounteing climbing- there are 49 peaks over 2000 m high. For the most courageous alpinist, the most extreme climbing is in the Nevidio canyon, at the foot of Mt. Durmitor.

Also, you can enjoy mountain biking, paragliding, exploring caves..the possibilities are endless. You can even go swimming in one of the 17 of its gorgeous lakes.

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Tara River Canyon

This unbelievably gorgeous and yet unspoiled place is part of the Durmitor National Park and it is also UNESCO protected world natural harritage site.

This canyon is the deepest in Europe. It is 1300 m deep and 80 km long.

The best way to experience it is to go rafting on the River Tara.  The water is cold, even in the summer, so I would suggest going when during the summer season. You can drink the water directly from the river!


Mt. Lovcen

If you are interested in Montenegrin history, the place to visit is Mt. Lovcen. This mountain rises up above the Bay of Kotor, and it is easily accessible by car. You can take magnificent photos of the bay on your way up there.

The highest peak of Lovcen  is 1769 m high called Stirovnik. The second highest (1675 m), called Jezerski or Lake Peak is where you can visit the Mausoleum of Njegos- the single most important figure in Montenegrin history. He was a poet, a philosopher and a ruler who lived in the 19th century.

Lovcen is good for mountain climbing, hiking and biking.

For children, an area called “Ivanova korita” is ideal. It is located at 1250 m altitude and there are numerous hotels, restaurants and a small ski slope with a baby ski lift.

There is also an adventure park on Mt. Lovcen that you can check out here.