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Perast is a very small and a very gorgeous place in the Kotor Bay.

It is the most preserved of all the towns in the Bay. You can just feel its rich history all around you.

The best thing to do in Perast is to take a boat ride. Just go to the center of the town (extremely easy to find) and you will see boats ready to go. A round trip ticket to the islands is 5 euros.

perast islands


There are two gorgeous islands in Perast. One is naturally beautiful, and the other one is man-made with an awesome story.

The natural one is called St. George. There is a Catholic monastery there, dating back to the 12th century, and a graveyard. This island is not accessible to tourists.

You can just admire its beauty from the boat, which can also be a lot of fun.

st george island st george perast

The other, artificial island, is called Our Lady of the Rocks.

This is a very unique place, especially for Catholic believers. The whole island was build on a small rock where a 15th century fisherman was saved from drowning. On the rock, he miraculously found an icon of the Virgin Mary and the people of Perast decided to build a church in her honor in that same spot.

It was a small island and a small church at first, but the island grew bigger and bigger every year, and it continues to grow. Every July 22, for many centuries, people fill their boats with rocks and throw them around the island. It became a tradition that everyone is welcome to be part of.

our lady of the rocks Perast church

Another amazing thing about this place is that the inside of the church is very rich. For centuries, people brought their valuable things to donate to the church (hoping, of course, that they will get good fortune in return).

For 1 euro, you can (and definitely should) go inside the church with a tour guide who will tell you all the interesting stories about the old objects there. There are things that sailors brought from all over the world, there are objects that patient and loyal women brought from their homes, praying for a safe return of their husbands from the sea.

My kids enjoyed it very much, I told them it was the real pirate treasure. 🙂

You have 30 minutes on the island before your boat comes back, which is just enough to enjoy it properly.

perast islands our lady of the rocks

perast island


perast islands boat tour Perast photo

Back in Perast, you can enjoy some swimming or having dinner by the sea.

There is not much to do there, but that’s good. A perfect place to relax.