Tivat is a very small town, but it is many people’s favorite.

It’s nice and quiet. You don’t see groups of tourists like you do in Kotor.

Tivat’s Great Park is really great during the day. In the evening, you can go to Porto Montenegro and feel like a star.  I liked all of the bars there and the peaceful atmosphere by the sea.

I take my kids to Tivat a lot. There are a few  nice playgrounds where kids can run around and enjoy themselves.

I still did not get a chance to find them a babysitter so I can go to  Purobeach for a day and finally enjoy a day to myself. I am planning on doing that, definitely. It looks like a paradise, check it out!

Of course, it’s sometimes better to just stroll through the town and meet the locals. See what the real life is all about here.

tivat kotor bay

One thing you will have to get used to, and pretty fast, is the fact that airplanes will fly directly over your head every half hour..But there is some beauty in that also. (My kids get excited about it every time!)

tivat   Tivat shore