Tivat is a cute little town in the Kotor Bay that is quickly becoming very popular.  Still it won’t ever be nearly as crowded as Kotor. The atmosphere there is really nice, no matter what time of the day or year.

Tivat dosn’t have a very rich history, probably because it was not a good location in terms of defense from invasions. In the Venetian times, some noble families from Kotor used to have their summer houses there.

What’s drawing tourist to Tivat these days, and especially the rich ones, is Porto Montenegro – a new marina development that started in 2007 and quickly became a nice place to tie up your yacht if you have one. You can also buy a really nice apartment there , rent a room in the Regent Hotel or enjoy a quiet time/wild party by the pool.

For the rest of us, we go there to enjoy a nice walk or have a drink in a cafe.  It’s also nice to jog, roller-blade or ride a bike there. Actually, all of Tivat is just perfect for these kind of activities. Unlike Kotor, where the scenery might be gorgeous but as a biker you can’t fully enjoy it because you always have to be mindful of the cars on that tiny road, in Tivat you can just relax and ride from one end of the town to the next.

It’s also perfect for kids. They have a lot of room to ride bikes, skate, and run. There is no traffic, the road is not bumpy, there are also a few nice playgrounds for them with slides.

Here is what the center of Tivat looks like:

Tivat shore



tivat kotor bay


Another thing that Tivat is known for is the airport. You will probably see and hear a few planes  while you’re there. But even though it is an international airport, it is quite small and it is not disturbing in any way.

One of Tivat’s beaches called Kalardovo is located behind the airport. It’s a beach known for its dark colored mud rich with minerals. The kids love it there because the water is shallow and you can watch the planes take off.

I highly recommend visiting this town! Enjoy!

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